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Why Properly Drying Time is Important For Manicurists' Picks

Nail polish is today an essential part of any woman's fashion accessories. Nail polish can be applied on the fingernails or on the toenails for cosmetic purposes. The new formulation has been constantly revised to prevent peeling or cracking and to further improve its cosmetic attributes.

Recent changes in the composition of nail polish have resulted in products that cause less or almost no irritation to the skin. Previously the basic ingredients used in the composition had been film-forming agents such as nitrocellulose, dimethicone, and silica. Nitrocellulose is a material which forms a sort of bubble like structure when mixed with water. It is similar to the gelatin that forms when freeze dried. Dimethicone is a greaseless emulsion and silica is usually a semi-slippery material that makes a great feature in many commercial lotions and facial scrubs. These ingredients were however unable to withstand the harsh environment caused by the everyday living of women and hence their appearance began to deteriorate.

The latest innovation in the composition of halal cosmetics includes the inclusion of Castor oil. This new addition to the formula makes it ideal for daily use as it causes no irritation to the skin and it also penetrates into the cuticle layer. Both the properties of the nitrocellulose and the silica are maintained and the manufacturing process thus results in a product which does not peel or crack.

The manufacturing of nail polish at has therefore changed to incorporate the use of plant based ingredients such as Castor oil and other oils that naturally exist in the plant kingdom. These plant oils are then combined with fragrance free essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus to form a base coat which is then topped with a clear top coat. This top coat also prevents any penetration of the final colour by abrading the surface of the skin tone.

Nail polish that contains the ingredients of Castor oil is able to resist the effects of both direct and indirect UV light. By preventing the penetration of both UVB and UVA rays, it maintains colour consistency regardless of the angle at which the light strikes the nail polish. It is able to maintain a smooth and even finish on the nail for a long period of time despite daily exposure to various weather conditions. The combination of the UV protected nature of this formulation and its ability to resist damage from the sun made it the perfect ingredient for an outdoor concert. Another key benefit of using Castor oil as a base coat for manicure products was the prevention of peeling that could occur during normal daily use. With little effort, it was discovered that by gently rubbing the oil into the skin, it is able to prevent peeling even when under extreme heat or sunlight.

The importance of using superior quality ingredients for manicure products cannot be underestimated. They contribute to the overall quality of the final product and increase the chances of achieving the desired result. By paying attention to the development and manufacture processes of nail polish formulas, one can improve the quality of the final product with little effort. These same processes are what enable manufacturers to produce high quality nail polish that does not suffer from the effects of poor manufacturing processes. Check out this website at for more info about cosmetics.

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